Business structure

Our business consists of experienced staff qualified in every field of occupation (machine tool operators, appliers, welders, mechanics) managed by John Fragkopoulos and ofcourse the many years expierence of Charambos Fragkopoulos who supervise the work that is produced.

The machine tools located in our business are:

4 Lathes (with the biggest one having the ability of constructing 7m axis and diameter up to 800cm)

3 Radials capable of opening holes up to 70mm

1 Router

2 Jigsaws

And varied welding machines and portable tools.

We are taking care of our machines by replenishing them In regular basis because we believe in the old saying that “the tools makes the master”.

Recently we replaced a lathe (with a new one 2,5m) and a jigsaw

As a business our next step is to enter the field of big fishing boats and also the shipping of big commercial ships.